Deborah Harcourt

‘Embracing everybody’: Approaching the inclusive early childhood education of a child labelled with autism from a social relational understanding of disability
Meike Mackenzie, Kathy Cologon and Marianne Fenech

‘One of the kids’: Parent perceptions of the developmental advantages arising from inclusion in mainstream early childhood education services
Roger Blackmore, Elizabeth Aylward and Rebekah Grace

Transition of children with disabilities into early childhood education and care centres
Jane Warren, Wilma Vialle and Rose Dixon

Reforming Australian early childhood education and care provision (2009–2015)
Collette Tayler

Social rules according to young children
Margaret Anne Carter

Safety risk intelligence: Children’s concept formation of safety and their individual capabilities to appraise risk of injury
Susie O’Neill

Analysing early childhood educators’ science pedagogy through the lens of a pedagogical content knowing framework
Weidong Zhang and Sally Birdsall

Smoothing the way: Investigating the role of a supported playgroup located at a school
Marianne Knaus, Judy Warren and Rebecca Blaxell


Montessori early childhood education in NZ: Re-discovering the spirit of reflection and inquiry through recent policy changes
Sola Freeman, Ana Pickering and Carmen Dalli

‘Well it depends on what you’d call play’: Parent perspectives on play in Queensland’s Preparatory Year
Helen Breathnach, Lyndal O’Gorman and Susan Danby

Educators’ perceptions of facilitating children’s participation in early childhood education
Jonna Kangas, Tuulikki Venninen and Mikko Ojala

Teaching literacy through dramatic storytelling in Foundation Phase
Bianca O’Neill, Mumthaz Banoobhai and Cornelia Smith

Focusing on strengths as children start school: What does it mean in practice?
Kathryn Hopps-Wallis, Angela Fenton and Sue Dockett


Australasian Journal of Early Childhood—Volume 41 Number 2 June 2016

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