Berenice Nyland

The self-reported academic self-concept of four-year-old children: Global and fixed, or nuanced and changing in the year before school?
Caroline Cohrssen, Frank Niklas, Danielle Logan and Collette Tayler

Supporting young children’s oral language and writing development: Teachers’ and early childhood educators’ goals and practices
Shelley Stagg Peterson, Laureen J. McIntyre and Donna Forsyth

‘Caterpillars and catalysts’: A year of literacy learning in an early years classroom privileging dramatic pedagogies
Annette Harden

Playing cool: The sustainable Cool Cubby
Wendy Boyd

Early childhood teachers’ work in a time of change
Sandra Grant, Susan Danby, Karen Thorpe and Maryanne Theobald

Thinking, feeling and relating: Young children learning through dance
Jan Deans

Supporting children’s resilience: Early childhood educator understandings
Kerryn Archdall and Anna Kilderry

A cooperative pedagogical program linking preschool and Foundation teachers: A pilot study
Annette Dunham, Helen Skouteris, Andrea Nolan, Susan Edwards and Jennifer Small


Effectiveness of a video modelling intervention in a shy, withdrawn preschool child
Emily Smart, Vanessa A. Green and Tegan E. Lynch

Social inclusion and exclusion of a young child: A cultural–historical perspective of an international mid-semester transition into an international school in Malaysia
Megan Adams and Marilyn Fleer

Children’s literacy play environments: Snapshots of practitioner research for change
Linda Newman

Articulating a rights-based argument for mathematics teaching and learning in early childhood education
Caroline Cohrssen and Jane Page

‘You want to get it right’: A regional Queensland school’s experience in strengthening parent–school partnerships
Claire Campbell, Leanne Dalley-Trim and Lorraine Cordukes


Australasian Journal of Early Childhood—Volume 41 Number 3 September 2016

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