Things to celebrate

Tasmania’s top Business Leaders announced

The Australian Wealth Management Tasmanian Business Leaders Awards were announced on May 2009. The awards ‘recognise and reward Tasmanian business leaders and celebrate the leadership and management achievements of individuals’. Early Childhood Australia would like to congratulate all the recipients of the awards.

Ros Cornish, CEO of Lady Gowrie Tasmania, was the recipient of Deloitte Professional Leader of Year, Corporate.Early Childhood Australia would like to congratulate Ros Cornish on her achievement. Ros has shown her commitment to the early years sector for almost 30 years. She was the state representative on the Board of Early Childhood Australia for 10 years before being elected the National Vice President of ECA.

The nomination was sufficient recognition of my commitment to strong leadership, but to be announced the overall winner from five finalists (and the only female) was indeed a surprise and quite humbling given the nominations were mostly from large corporate organisations in Tasmania. While the award recognised personal achievements as opposed to organisations or innovations, without the support and commitment from colleagues within Lady Gowrie Tasmania, and the early childhood sector generally, these achievements would not have been possible. My experience as a Board Member and National Vice President of ECA over many years has played a significant role in enhancing my leadership skills. This award has opened doors in terms of advocating the importance of quality early education and care as I have been invited to join a key professional organisation and have made a number of presentations at business functions. The early childhood education and care sector needs strong individuals with the capability to lead and be a voice for young children.
Ros Cornish

ECA WebWatch wins national media award

The Professional Teaching Council of WA (PTCWA) announced the winners of its Outstanding Professional Service Awards to teachers on October 2009. The awards recognise ‘an individual member’s outstanding professional contribution to education in Western Australia.’ Early Childhood Australia would like to congratulate the recipients of the awards.

ECA WebWatch was the recipient of the PTCWA Media Award for ‘… its positive portrayal of the work of teachers and schools, and … recognition of the value to the community of teaching as a profession’. ECA WebWatch was commended for being ‘an eclectic mix of the best websites and information on early childhood development, growth and learning; early childhood practice, programs and policy; and emerging issues and research.’

Early Childhood Australia would like to thank the PTCWA for this recognition of the work we do, and we re-iterate our belief in the importance and value of the work teachers do in the community.

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