Every Child –Vol 16. No. 3, 2010– Play and Learning

Play and learning in early childhood education and care has new meaning thanks to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

This edition of Every Child offers an enriching collection of articles about young children’s play and learning, with a focus on how these key aspects of early childhood education and care are progressing with the implementation of the EYLF. Brimming with fellow early childhood professional’s findings—the challenges, reflections, discoveries, feelings, benefits and lots of ideas—about play and learning through the EYLF, this issue of Every Child promises to inspire and encourage its readers.

This special Play and learning issue features:

  • Why play-based learning?
  • The arts and the EYLF: Stories of children as effective communicators
  • A time for play—permission from the EYLF
  • ‘Being with’ drama, music and the arts
  • The EYLF—the Clare Valley Children’s Centre journey continues
  • Playfulness in children’s picture storybooks
  • ICTs and young children.

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