Contents for Every Child Vol. 16 No. 3


Taking stock of early childhood education—Alison Elliott


Why play-based learning?—Lennie Barblett

The arts and the EYLF: Stories of children as effective communicators—Felicity McArdle

A time for play-permission from the EYLF—Judy Radich

‘Being with’ drama, music and the arts—Mark Carthew

The EYLF—the Clare Valley Children’s Centre journey continues—Jane Moore

Playfulness in children’s picture storybooks—Colleen Langan

ICTs and young children—Jenni Connor


The EYLF and families—Jenni Connor


Engaging young marginalised mothers in play and learn sessions—Anna Jones

Professional development

Trialling Learning Circles in a professional experience placement—Dr Christy Ward

The quality improvement challenge—Judy Radich


Rosemary Milne—Gerry Tickell and Priscilla Clarke


Transition to school-supporting schoolyard play—Amanda Bartram

Advocacy to promote children’s wellbeing and rights—Sarina Smale

Puzzle solving: A view to children’s thinking—Nancy S. Maldonado


Interview with Rob Randall—Sarah Cameron


St Kilda & Balaclava Kindergarten wins gold for being green—Tracy Young

Implementing the EYLF: An evolving story—Wendy Forster

Book reviews
Early childhood curriculum planning, assessment and implementation

Everyday learning about getting your buttons pushed

The princess and her panther

Hush, hush

Fridge door

What’s happening?

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