Every Child – Vol. 16 No.4, 2010 – New Directions

Featuring Early Childhood Australia’s 2010 national Conference ‘Garla Bauondi’: Fuelling the fire, this edition of Every Child showcases the inspirational ideas of nine Conference keynote speakers—Claire Warden; Wendy Lee; Lester-Irabinna Rigney; Dave Brown; Janet Robertson; John O’Toole; Alan Pence; Sue Dockett and Johanna Einarsdottir. These articles offer the reader a window into the wealth of ideas sustaining and enriching the evolving early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector in Australia today.

Using magic, being moral, creating merriment and mobilising others … the outdoors in children’s early years … the challenge of change in Indigenous education … fostering and sustaining creativity in children … the playground: A place to belong, be and become … playfulness … nurturing ‘diversity’ and a sense of ‘place’… researching with children …

Other topics included in this issue of Every Child include:

  • Finding out about children’s meaning-making through drawing together
  • Starting right—the transition into primary school
  • Diabetes and the early childhood years
  • EYLF Professional Learning Program (PLP) update
  • National Quality Framework Agenda update
  • KidsMatter—Creating a sense of community
  • Police officers in early childhood
  • Bullying in the early years.

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