Every Child – Vol.17 No.2 2011—cultural competence

This issue of Every Child explores ‘cultural competence’—how different knowledges, languages, cultures and ways of being can be both recognized and normalized to create a space of belonging for everyone.
The articles in this issue of Every Child, including snapshots of services, feature articles and research, provide the reader with a solid groundwork from which to reflect on their own approach to cultural competence.

Developing a space for belonging … Belonging in remote communities … Discovering cultural connections … Cultural competence: An ethical perspective … Settling newly arrived families into an early childhood service …

Other topics in this issue of Every Child include:

  • Cultural competence: A national perspective
  • Giving Muslim children a sense of belonging in early childhood environments
  • Understanding and working with Chinese families in early childhood settings
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion
  • KidsMatter Early Childhood Initiative
  • Early Childhood policy and practice in one province in South Africa
  • Exploring relationships between parents and early childhood educators.

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