Contents for Every Child Vol. 17 No. 3


Aspects of quality pedagogy and parity—Alison Elliott

Guest statement

The National Quality Agenda is on its way—David De Silva


Getting ready for the National Quality Standard: What are the key features and how is it different?—Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

EYLF and NQS: Political, educational, social and individual influences: What has been our journey?—Ginie Udy

Learning Stories: One way to assess and report—professionals and children working together—Mel Hazard

Who is watching? Thinking ethically about observing children—Sharon Mehan and Lynne Moore

Pedagogy matters—Anne Kennedy

Using portfolios—Interpreting learning—Carmel Richardson

When does the 15 hours preschool program start (and end)?—Wendy Boyd

Science and young children: Integrating investigation into everyday experiences—Linda Huether-Plavyak and Vicki Carr


Ethical assessment—Sue Dockett


Attracting and retaining trained ECEC staff—Wendy Boyd

Working with parents and carers—KidsMatter Early Childhood


Margaret Clyde—Manjula Waniganayake


Interview with Verena Heron


Star of the Sea Catholic Child Care Centre connects children, centre and families to create a community—Andrea Felgendrejeris


Rethinking inclusion: Reading for success—Lorraine Madden and Cristyn Davies

Book reviews

Theories and approaches to learning in the early years
Child care and education, 5th edition
Why I love Australia
Budburra’s alphabet

Fridge door

What’s happening?

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