Every Child – Vol.18 No.1 2012- Taking The Early Years Learning Framework Forward

EC1201When the Australian government introduced The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) in 2009, it caused a revolution in the early childhood field. In the three years since then, there have been a great number of discussions, seminars, workshops, and publications around how the EYLF affects everyone working in this area. This issue of Every Child focuses on the Framework and its implementation, including in reference to the National Quality Standards. We delve into the myths about the EYLF, how the EYLF can help in family day care settings, and interview one of the EYLF’s developers, Professor Jennifer Sumison. This issue also looks into numeracy in the early years, how to help young children cope with natural disasters and other fears and anxieties, and collaborating with families.

This issue of Every Child also covers:

  • Cultural diversity and cultural competence in ECEC settings
  • Valuing play
  • Family stories
  • The KidsMatter Early Childhood Pilot
  • Learning through professional conversations
  • Connecting with families in remote communities
  • A better start for children with disability
  • Strengthening immunisation for children

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