Contents for Every Child Vol. 18 No. 2


Planning and patience around the reform agenda—Alison Elliott

Guest Statement

The National Quality Standard for early childhood provision—Collette Tayler


Planning in the context of the National Quality Standard: Valuing children, promoting learning—Catherine Patterson and Alma Fleet

Young children’s learning: Two models of teaching—Judy Radich

Assessment: Don’t make it what it’s not—Luke Touhill

Working in partnership to improve quality—Alysia Regan

A matter of voice: Planning for quality improvement—Pauline Harris

Cultural competence: Working towards Reconciliation—Judy Radich

Inquiry learning is deep learning—Bronwyn Bushby

Teaching Indigenous kids about their culture—Alison Wunungmurra

Assessing children’s learning: Thinking in the context of the National Quality Standard—Alma Fleet and Catharine Patterson


What about me? Supporting the siblings of a seriously ill child—Penny Richardson

Managing food allergies holistically—Prathyusha Sanagavarapu


Communicating with families can make all the difference—Julie McElhone

Involving families in the National Quality Standard—Jennifer Kenyon


Not always easy! Negotiating children’s experiences with families—Anne Stonehouse


Pam Cahir: A celebration—Alison Elliott


Developing an inclusive pretend play policy—Melissa MacMaster

Professional Development

Prepared for your qualified future?—Alison Elliott


Reflections on KidsMatter Early Childhood


Infants engaging in ‘pedagogical playfulness’ in group settings—Joy Goodfellow

Book Reviews

Programming and planning in early childhood settings (5th edn)

Partnerships: Working together in early childhood settings

Nog and the land of noses

Bubble trouble

Fridge Door

What’s happening?

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