Every Child – Vol.18 No.3 2012- Positive Engagement With Change


This issue of Every Child explores the considerable changes and transition with regard to the National Quality Framework for ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care). Change in the workplace can be a difficult and challenging time for everyone involved. Samantha Page and Andrew Reimer share their knowledge on how to manage change in a positive and productive way. 
We include a discussion on listening and engaging with children’s voices and opinions as members of our community. Professor Margaret Sims examines the function and responsibility of research in professionalising early childhood and discovering current issues.


Also included in this issue of Every Child:

  • Brush those babies!—Baby and infant oral health
  • Sustainability and intentional teaching in early childhood
  • Going to child care doesn’t have to mean less breastfeeding—new Australian study
  • Fathers’ role in school readiness
  • Living and learning SunSmart
  • Extract from Your child’s first year at school: Getting off to a good start
  • The importance of play in early childhood curriculum
  • Interview with Margaret Young, departing ECA National President

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