Every Child – Vol.18 No.4 2012- Quality in Early Childhood Settings


In this issue of ‘Every Child’ the advantages of the Early Years Learning Framework are discussed by Fiona Manton. Suzanne Northcott explains the Early Years Workforce Strategy and the priorities that have been identified as important for a sustainable and qualified workforce, while Carmel Richardson takes an in-depth look at teaching standards and discusses the role of language for increasing the professionalism of early childhood educators.

Also included in this issue is a review of award recipients from the Early Childhood Australia conference which was held in Perth. We also recap some hot topics that were discussed at the conference. Additionally covered are the following articles:

  • Healthy travel, healthy families
  • Undergoing the assessment and rating process in NSW
  • Type 1 Diabetes on the agenda
  • Family Breakup – issues for young children
  • Asthma and asthma management
  • What do you think? Lunch is more than eating
  • Duty of care balanced with children’s right to play
  • Why you shouldn’t leave babies to cry

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