Contents for Every Child Vol. 18 No. 4


Embracing change in early childhood—Alison Elliott


Thinking together—EYLF Learning Outcomes: Identity—Jane Bone and Suzy Edwards


Teaching standards: Increasing the professionalism of early childhood educators—Carmel Richardson

Recognising ‘quality’ when we see it—Jenni Connor

What I love about the Early Years Learning Framework—Fiona Manton

What does leadership look like in early childhood settings?—Jenny Lewis and Jenny Hill

Early Years Workforce Strategy—Suzanne Northcott

Early childhood awards—Ros Cornish

Beyond murals and flagpoles—Eileen Wanganeen and Karen Sinclair

Design + Play = Maths—Sue Southey

Why we should not leave children to cry—Pam Linke

Hot topics—The good, the bad and the ugly!—Ros Cornish and Margaret Young


Helping children cope with parental separation and divorce—KidsMatter Early Childhood


Interview with Ros Cornish


Type 1 diabetes on the agenda—Jason Triggs

Asthma and asthma management—Debra Kay


Reflections on the assessment process—Janette Glynn


What do you think? Lunch is more than eating—Anne Stonehouse


A child’s right to play—Ros Cornish

Healthy travel, healthy families—Danielle Esler

Book Reviews

Raising resilient children with autism spectrum disorders

Your child from birth to eight (3rd edition)

Pea Boy and other stories from Iran

Amy and Louis

Fridge Door

What’s happening?

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