Every Child – Vol.19 No.1 2013 – Transitions in Early Childhood

In this issue of Every Child the focus is on transitions. Children experience various types of transitions, particularly when starting early childhood education and care or school. Sue Dockett, Bob Perry and Emma Kearney discuss the transition to school and the impact on children and their families. They also discuss the implications for educators.

Megan Adams explores cultural transitions and the difficulties that can arise for young children and Marjory Ebbeck, Cynthia Tan and Geraldine Teo-Zuzarte explore empathy in children as they experience transitions in an education and care centre in Singapore.

You will also find included in this issue:

  • Professional conversations about young gifted children Sustained shared thinking: Continuing the conversation Recognising mathematical development in early childhood education
  • Growing up strong: The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children
  • Valuing and practising ethical relationships
  • The importance of trends in caring for sick children
  • Outstanding playspaces within education and care services
  • Pursuing best practice: What does it take to drive continuous improvement?

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