Contents for Every Child Vol. 19 No. 1


Continuity of experience and strong relationships—Alison Elliott

Guest Statement

KidsMatter: Making a difference in early childhood


Transitions for families as children start school—Sue Dockett, Bob Perry and Emma Kearney

Professional conversations about young gifted children—Anne Grant

Sustained shared thinking: Continuing the conversation—Jenni Connor

My personal journey towards cultural competency—Holly Radnedge

Recognising mathematical development in early childhood education—Anne Carrington and Trevor Feder

There’s a bug in the toilet: A cultural, historical view of transitions—Megan Adams

Pursuing best practice: What does it take to drive continuous improvement?—Catharine Hydon

Showing empathy for others during transition: A Singapore example—Marjory Ebbeck, Cynthia Tan and Geraldine Teo-Zuzarte

Postmodernism, discourses and the art of raising children—Yarrow Andrew

No rhyme nor reason—Nicole Leggett

Outstanding playspaces within education and care services—Kate Fraser

Making a difference for Indigenous children in very remote communities—Georgie Nutton and Alison Elliott


Valuing and practising ethical relationships—Anne Kennedy


Growing up strong: The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children—Laura Bennetts Kneebone


George Lewis—Margaret Young

News and views

Building on evidence to focus national investment on improving child and youth wellbeing—Charlene Smith


Environment makeover: Interview with Tanya Semmler


Changing the future with Ngroo Education Incorporated—Margaret Young


Parenting at home and away—Pam Linke


The importance of trends in caring for sick children—Paul Middleton

Book reviews

Children, families and communities: Contexts and consequences (4th edn.)

Mining families rock. Your complete guide to healthy relationships, happy kids and a household that works


Rosie’s magic horse

What’s happening

News and events

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