Every Child – Vol.19 No.4 2013 – Technology in Early Childhood

Every Child Volume 19 no. 4

The expansion of technology has been rapid and extensive. The utilisation of computers, tablets and smartphones within the home and in early childhood services can have positive effects; however, there are precautions that parents and educators should be aware of. The articles in this issue of Every Child aim to provide advice and guidelines to using technology with young children.

Early Childhood Consultant Lyn Bower explores using iPads™ with young children and considerations when choosing apps, Paediatric Physiotherapist Sue Charlton warns of the health implications of screen time for children and Ros Cornish discusses the use of social media in the professional environment.

The following articles are also included in this issue:

  • A world of digital possibilities
  • Continuity? The Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum
  • Toy libraries: Toys that won’t cost you or the Earth
  • Implementing Marte Meo within KU Children’s Services
  • How can digital technology work for you?
  • Child Abuse—Are we all responsible?
  • Process technology with infants and toddlers: Creative problem solving
  • The Allen Adventure: An app-based approach for social skills development
  • Every Child’s first app review!

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