Contents for Every Child Vol. 19 No. 4


Smart learning— Alison Elliott

Guest statement

Technotots—Barbara Biggins


Guidelines for using iPads™ with young children—Lyn Bower

Social media—A way of life!—Ros Cornish

The use of digital technology in early childhood—Stephanie Ficken

A world of digital possibilities—Jo Bird

Continuity? The Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum—Sue Grieshaber and Anthony Shearer

Technology and interactive media as tools in early childhood programs serving children from birth through age 8—Judy Radich

Learning together with iPads™—Giulia Elliott-Hall

Apps for learning—Giulia Elliott-Hall

Toy libraries: Toys that won’t cost you or the Earth—Nicole Hughes

Implementing Marte Meo within KU Children’s Services—Gianna Black and Carol Findlay

The Allen Adventure: An app-based approach for social skills development—Anna Brazier


Child Abuse—Are we all responsible?—Tony Pietropiccolo AM


Screen time for children—the implications for health—Sue Charlton

News and views

How can digital technology work for you?—Clare McHugh


Sue Elliott


Process technology with infants and toddlers: Creative problem solving—Anita Mortlock


Promoting healthy eating and active lifestyle through multi-modal literacies—Maja Turnadzic


From little things big things grow—Jan Clarke


Encouraging independent learners: Integrating digital media in early childhood—Emma Forbes


Young children and screen time—Sonja Walker

App review

Let’s Create! Pottery

Book reviews

Being adventurous—an Everyday Learning series title

Granny Grommet and me

What’s happening

News and events

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