Consolidating progress—for educators, families and children—Alison Elliott

Guest statement

Every Child means every child—Jackie French


Exploring the role of the educational leader—Our journey—Anthony Semman, Viviana Botero Lopez, Fiona Lawson and Maria Bennett

Work-based children’s services—Prue Warrilow

How high is too high?—Julia McKean

Sing with me—Amanda Niland

Questions for the future: The intersection between the NDIS and early childhood—Lauren Matthews

Beginning the professional journey—Jackie Brien

Flexibility in early childhood services—Chris Steel


Agency, children’s needs, ethics—Judy Radich

The ethics of early childhood research: A historical perspective—Fiona Mayne and Christine Howitt


Reconciliation practices at John Paul College OSHC—Jan Marxsen

Stepping stones to professional qualifications—Fran Grant


Kids in the kitchen—An extract from Everyday Learning Series 


Attaining excellence under the National Quality Standard (NQS)—Amanda Walsh

News and views

Mud play—yes please—Judy Radich


Using national, recycled and upcycled materials—an exhibition—Anne Stonehouse


Is it really ADHD?—Nicola Davies


Learning stories with technology—Nicola Yelland, Caja Gilbert and Nicolle Turner

Professional development

Improving the quality of the teaching workforce—Meghan Lodwick

App review

Nighty night—Lyn Bower

Book reviews

Professional partnerships in children’s services: Working together for children

Maths is all around you: Developing mathematical concepts in the early years

Rainforest lullaby

It wasn’t me!

What’s happening

News and events

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