Expertise and efficiency­—Alison Elliott

Guest statement
Advocacy for early childhood­, framing the message­—Frank Oberklaid

From teaching to thinking: re-igniting our role as educators­—Ann Pelo
How high was Humpy Dumpty?­—Sue Elliott and Mary Jeavons
Remote Indigenous communities and the EYLF—Christine Tayler
A hospital kindergarten program­—Sonya Nedovic
How does photography express children’s voice?—Suzannie Leung
Productivity and participation­—Prue Warrilow
Screens have changed our policies will too­—Dan Donahoo
Are we there yet? Early education responding to the challenges of climate disruption and sustainability—Julie Davis
Plants in the lives of children—Uzma Maherally and Mohammad Iqbal Maherally

Zoe Support, reengaging young mums in education—Ann Webster and Katrina McGarry

Partnerships: The key to successful transition to school­—Holly Mason-White

Strong foundations, successful futures­—Margaret Sims

Engaging the community to develop your outdoor environment—Janice Schroder

Edible education—Brittany Miller

Professional development
Turning tantrums into healthy learning—Greg Antcliff

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Art Set

Book reviews
The art of awareness
Mathematics through play
Elliott the midnight superhero
Boa’s bad birthday

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