Every Child, Vol.21 No.1 2015Supporting children’s rights

Every child has rights, no matter what their age, where they live or what they believe. The first edition of Every Child for 2015 focuses on supporting children’s rights in early childhood education and care, reflecting on the importance of creating an environment where children know that their rights are upheld and respected. This issue of Every Child contains informative articles on ways to better advocate for and support globally agreed standards for children. Clare Hammerton examines theserious and widespread denial of the rights of children seeking asylum in Australia.Jessica Brown details her experiences with women and children in a therapy management centre in Syria. Geraldine Atkinson reminds us that key opportunities to support vulnerable children and families are found in early childhood education and care. Natalie Khoury describes her learning journey in making a conscious effort in choosing to view children as a whole. Pauline Harris, Fran Noak and Margaret Sankey tell the story of children and young people consulting on a redevelopment project in the town of Gawler. The following articles are also included in this issue:

  •  Supporting young children’s rights
  • Children should be seen and not heard
  • A new approach to educational disadvantage
  • Talking with children about disasters and conflict
  • Engaging in safe risks: A way to prepare children for bigger challenges
  • Realising early childhood development’s promise
  • Leadership and lollipop moments: Leadership and the National Quality Framework assessment and rating process
  • Environmental education with infants and toddlers
  • Tomorrow’s advocates for children: The global leaders project

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