Every Child, Vol.21 No.2 2015—Connecting with communities

The Early Years Learning Framework urges educators to continually seek ways to build relationships within communities, and to value the richness of community knowledge so that children might develop a sense of belonging.  This edition of Every Child focuses on connecting with communities, whether it be bringing the community into the service, or taking children on adventures outside the centre.

In this issue, Alison Elliott highlights that communicating policies and practice is critical in articulating the important role of an early childhood program in stimulating development and building constructs for learning.  Ros Cornish reminds us to be on the lookout for community collaborations and tells the success story of a community coming together in the ‘Supporting children and families maintain relationships during incarceration’ project. Carmel Richardson explores opportunities for learning in the local environment through campus excursions, taking children ‘out and about’ into the university campus. Kerryn Lockett and other practitioners reflect on the outcomes of the Collaborative approaches program, in which multidisciplinary groups—including maternal and child health, supported playgroup, family day care, long day care, kindergarten, outside school hours care, early childhood intervention, child and family services and primary schools—participate in facilitated discussions to support children’s learning and development.

The following articles are also included in this issue:

  • Aptitude, affordability and access
  • Needs to Know
  • Babies and bathwater
  • The importance of tummy time
  • The gift of a future
  • Advocacy: It’s everyone’s business
  • Learning to read is no trivial matter
  • Start a fire in the garden
  • The big ideas of mathematics

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