Every Child, Vol. 21 No. 3 2015—Reflecting on environments

Environments can create a multitude of learning opportunities for young children. Whether indoors in an early childhood service, outdoors surrounded by nature or in the family home—possibilities for learning and growth are abundant.

This issue of Every Child reflects on early childhood programs and environments in a diversity of settings from around Australia. Some articles delve into topical issues in the sector, such as using food in play experiences and the ethical considerations involved in egg-hatching programs. Catharine Hydon reflects on ECA’s first Reconciliation Symposium while Jackie Brien considers NAIDOC Week with a variety of perspectives. Nadine McCrea examines leaders in early childhood and what this position might entail while Judy Radich discusses the benefits of mixed-age groupings at Cooloon Children’s Centre.

The following articles are also included in this issue:

  • Productivity Inquiry report
  • The Paddock—A place for learning, discovery and adventure
  • Being creative and copyright aware
  • ‘That’s my favourite tree, I used to climb on it.’ Children’s perspectives on outdoor play
  • Getting along with others—Ideas for supporting children
  • Sustainability at Berry Springs preschool
  • ‘I’m all ears.’ Can your child hear?
  • A place for men in the care and education of children under five in Australia
  • Why the family day care space provides a world full of learning opportunities
  • Why is the outdoor environment in our school as important as the indoor classrooms?

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