Everyday learning about bullying


Author(s):  Robyn Dolby
ECA Code:

Bullying is something that everyone finds difficult. It can arouse feelings of anger, or shame, and may remind adults of times when they were bullied as a child. This makes it very important to be able to hold back one’s immediate reactions and understand what is going on, so as to be able to help all of the children involved.

This book is for parents; however you will find in it some examples from early childhood services. These examples are just as relevant to parents as to educators. They are good models for both educators and parents who work with young children. This book shows how parents and educators can work together for the wellbeing of children. Chapters cover all aspects of Bullying:

  • at what age does bullying begin?
  • what can you do if your child is being bullied?
  • how educators and parents can handle the situation
  • if your child is the bully
  • bullying prevention
  • support for all parties involved.

The content of this booklet reflects the insights of bullying, particularly learning from the children and their relationships with each other and preschool staff and from the steady partnerships between educators and the children’s families.

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