Everyday learning about managing change


Author(s):  Pam Linke
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Life is full of changes – big and small, significant and insignificant. How we approach and cope with changes depends, to a large extent, on the experiences of our early years. The foundation of confidence and willingness to try things are built right from the start.

Helping children develop the skills to understand and deal with change at an early age will assist them when trying new things and managing the events of their life as they grow and confront new experiences and challenges. Children learn best in positive, caring relationships, and the the effort you put in to helping support and teach children during changes will be of immense value to them throughout their whole life.

Everyday learning about managing change provides advice, tips and ideas on how to help children cope with changes like starting school, moving house, getting a new brother or sister and more. Chapters cover such topics as:

  • Personal qualities that help cope with changes
  • some things you can do to help children with changes
  • toddlers and change
  • when children don’t manage change.

Author Pam Linke brings years of experience working in early childhood and a wealth of knowledge to this publication, helping to guide you as you guide children through new experiences.

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