Everyday Learning about play and learning


Author(s): Lyn Bower
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Everyday learning about play and learning outlines the importance of learning through play. Children need to play to develop social, emotional, cognitive (thinking) and physical skills.

Play helps children to learn how to communicate with other children, resolve conflicts and solve problems. In a playful environment they are able to test, practice and refine these abilities or skills, all of which are essential to build a strong foundation for all future learning.

Everyday learning about play and learning will provide help, knowledge and ideas on how to support children’s play and how to incorporate learning into fun and games.

Chapters cover such topics as:

  • early years development
  • types of play
  • why all children need play
  • play and brain development
  • educational play
  • providing play and learning.

Author Lyn Bower has been involved in early childhood for a number of years in a variety of contexts. She is currently an executive committee member of Early Childhood Australia QLD Branch and Chair of Queensland Early Childhood Sustainability Network (QECSN). Lyn believes in the importance of play in the early years, including the early years of school. Her extensive knowledge in this area will help you to understand and guide children through new experiences.

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