Everyday learning about feelings


Author(s):  Pam Linke
Published: 2011
Pages: 24
ECA Code: EDL1104

One of the most important challenges for children in the early years is learning how to manage feelings. Feelings or emotions affect children’s lives in everything they do. The child who feels loved and lovable (not the same thing), and who feels safe and able to try to do things, has a head start in learning in every other area. When children feel safe, optimistic and enthusiastic they learn well. Everyday learning about feelings provides ideas and advice on how you can help children develop the qualities that will enable them to understand their feelings. Topics covered include:

  • learning about feelings
  • babies’ and toddlers’ development
  • relationships
  • learning and doing
  • emotions
  • explaining and understanding

This issue explores the challenges that all children face in learning to manage their feelings and emotions so they can be safe, optimistic and enthusiastic about life and learning.

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