Everyday learning about making the most of your environment


Author(s):  Judy Radich
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Environments that support children’s early learning are ones that are rich in relationships, rich in conversations, sensitive to each child’s individual strengths and needs, give children opportunities to explore, practise skills and take risks and engage in ‘big’ ideas, such as environmental sustainability.

Everyday learning about making the most of your environment provides helpful advice and practical ideas for educators, families and children. Chapters include:

  • why do environments matter?
  • Environments for learning
  • The conversation-rich environment that builds language
  • An environment that ‘tells’ children they are capable and competent
  • Environments for positive behaviours
  • The environment for a sustainable future.

Author Judy Radich’s expertise is evident in the clear guidance she offers parents and educators to assist them in understanding and learning about making the most of their environment, linking it back to the EYLF and Learning Outcomes.

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