Everyday learning about responding to the emotional needs of children


Author(s):  Sharne Rolfe and Pam Linke
Published: 2011
Pages: 32
ECA Code: EDL1101 

Responding to the emotional needs of children lies at the very heart of parenting. This is the foundation of children’s future wellbeing. Watching for the signs that show us how a child is feeling and responding promptly and sensitively are among parents’ most important tasks.

This book is about responding to young children’s emotional needs, along with an explanation of why this is so important for a child’s healthy emotional development. Emotions are all the feelings we as human beings experience in our lifetimes. Emotions are what prompt us to take action. How we feel leads to what we do.

Everyday learning about responding to the emotional needs of children will demonstrate ways in which you can better help you understand what your child is going through:

  • what are emotions?
  • basic emotions and feelings that each child feels
  • regulation of feelings and emotions–in which young children can gradually learn from parents
  • complex emotions – including: guilt, envy, pride, shame and embarrassment
  • children with special needs
  • role of attachment people

Emotional wellbeing starts from birth and is nurtured by each child’s loving and secure relationships with parents and carers. It is the getting to know of your own baby and young child and responding to their needs in a loving partnership that forms the basis of their future emotional health.

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