Everyday Learning about executive function in the early years


Author(s): Victoria Whitington
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Children’s ability to engage in learning, to focus their attention over a period of time without being distracted, is important to their early development and education.

Children show this ability when they explore their world using their senses. It takes longer, however, for children to learn how to plan, undertake and complete activities. Learning these skills takes effort, and adults play an important supporting role.

Everyday learning about executive function will help you to understand:

  • the importance of executive function in early years and beyond
  • problems that may arise in children during development
  • the foundations of executive functioning
  • how you can support children’s development

Executive functioning skills provide a strong foundation on which to build children’s cognitive and social development. Author Victoria Whitington’s expertise is evident in the clear guidance she offers in this book. This is a great place to begin or continue your search for information.

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