Everyday Learning about physical activity—helping children grow


Author(s): Penny Kazimierczak
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Movement is life—every aspect of our day requires us to move. Movement for children is the innate drive to find out and to conquer. To watch a baby find, touch, explore and interact with any enticing object is to see thinking and learning occur simultaneously. Movement is the child’s first ‘language’ and the more they become active in this first language the better they will develop other powers of expression, exploration and development. Physical activity—helping children grow will provide help, knowledge and ideas on how to support children’s movement and thus their overall learning and wellbeing.

Chapters cover such topics as:

  • physical activity
  • motor development
  • movement through the ages
  • fundamental movement skills
  • coordination
  • balance

Author Penny Kazimierczak has been an early childhood and music educator for the past 43 years, encompassing a teaching and lecturing role in early childhood and tertiary institutions across Adelaide, South Australia.

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