Everyday learning about sensory play and learning


Author(s):  Karen Winderlinch
Published: 2012
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The term ‘sensory learning’ refers to the way babies, toddlers and young children use all their senses to gather information as they play and engage in experiences and interactions throughout their days.

Touching, tasting, hearing, smelling and watching what is going on around them helps children to work out all sorts of things about the world and their place within it. In a way, the senses provide the tools that children need to be effective learners.

Everyday learning about sensory learning provides a number of ideas and opportunities which will invite you to stop and reflect on your own understanding and practice. Topics covered include:

  • what is sensory play and learning?
  • the importance of all five senses for children as active learners
  • sensory learning in the great outdoors
  • hands-on play
  • exploring texture, colour and lighting.

Our world is full of possibilities for rich and wonderful sensory experiences, and for amazing learning that comes from using all the senses to build understandings and knowledge through hands-on play. Babies and young children are indeed incredible learners and wonderfully enthusiastic about actively.

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