Everyday Learning about the role of fathers in children’s early learning


Author(s): Richard Fletcher
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The signs that a father’s role with babies and children is changing are all around us. Football stars are featured as ‘family men’ and advertisers use men holding babies to sell everything from nappies to cars. Fathers pushing prams or taking time off work to be with their new babies is not the rarity that it used to be. Along with these social changes has come a burst of research evidence that shows how important a father can be to his child’s development. Even though fathers will generally spend less time at home than mothers in the first years of a child’s life they can influence their child’s mental and physical development. Chapter topics covered in the book are:

  • the example of language skills
  • fathers understandings
  • making rough and tumble play safe
  • managing dangerous emotions.

The Role of Fathers in children’s early learning helps you to understanding how fathers’ interactions can complement a mother’s caring and boost a child’s learning is an important task for everyone involved in early education.

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