Learning and teaching through play: Supporting the Early Years Learning Framework


Author(s): Anne Kennedy and Lennie Barblett 
ECA Code:
RIP 1003

The Early Years Learning Framework: Learning and teaching through play focuses on The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for Australia and explains how educators examine their understandings of play and how play-based approaches require intentional planning and teaching in order to support and extend children’s learning.

Throughout the book there are practice examples and questions for critical reflection and discussion with colleagues. The critical reflection tasks are designed to support educators, in constructing shared understandings of how to use play-based learning and teaching to promote the principles, practices and outcomes of the EYLF.


This book will help you understand:

  • learning through play
  • learning environments
  • intentional teaching
  • cultural competence
  • continuity of learning and transitions
  • assessment for learning.

The Early Years Learning Framework: Learning and teaching through play is the third in the Research in Practice Series about the EYLF to be published by Early Childhood Australia. While these are practical guidebooks for educators, they may also be of interest to families and others who work closely with young children.

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