Planning in the context of the EYLF: Powerful, practical and pedagogically sound



Author(s): Catherine Patterson and Alma Fleet
ECA Code:
RIP 1102

We are in an exciting era in Australian early childhood history. Each of us working with young children and their families can make a contribution to an evolving way of being an early childhood educator in Australia. We now have an Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF) (DEEWR, 2009) which is perceived as something between a guideline for ‘best practice’ and a philosophical thinking piece which can be a provocation for those engaged in this profession.




This book will help you understand:

  • implementation of the Framework into early childhood
  • the Early Years Learning Framework
  • examples from early childhood educators/using the EYLF in observations
  • Principles and Practise
  • Belonging, Being and Becoming
  • Framework Outcomes
  • questioning previous practice

Planning in the context of the EYLF has been written for everyone who is working with the Early Years Learning Framework. Depending on your background and qualifications, some of the language may be more or less familiar to you.

These ideas will become more familiar as you discuss the EYLF with others. As you read throughPlanning in the context of the EYLF, you might like to have a copy of the Learning Framework and the Educators’ Guide nearby for reference. While these are practical guidebooks for educators, they may also be of interest to families and others who work closely with young children.

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