‘Stories from the Heart’ Connecting children and families with our Earth


Author(s): Catherine Lee
Published: 2012
Pages: 34
ECA Code: RIP 1203 

Located in Oyster Bay, Sydney, The Point Preschool has always had a rich history of being sustainable and has strong partnerships with the local council and neighbours who have made it possible to build a strong sense of community.

Over the past 11 years, The Point Preschool’s policies, practices, building and surrounding environment have been transformed and enriched thanks to the children’s passion, families’ support, the educators’ dedication and partnerships with the local Indigenous people, community and council.

‘Stories from the Heart’ offers you many authentic ways of working with children and families as you jointly connect with local environments, act upon equity issues, and consider everyday economic practices.


Chapters in this book include important topics such as:

  • Early Childhood Education for Sustainability (ECEfS)
  • getting started
  • personalised ‘stories from the heart’
  • sustainable provisions and provocations.

Author Catherine Lee has been teaching for over 30 years in early childhood and is the Director of The Point Preschool in Oyster Bay NSW. Catherine draws on her wealth of knowledge, and passion for education for sustainability, play, social justice and reconciliation as she shares her stories and experiences for all to read.

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