Critical reflection as a tool for change: Stories about quality improvement


Author(s): Heather Barnes
ECA Code:
RIP 1302 

Critical reflection as a tool for change: Stories about quality improvement includes stories that demonstrate how effective reflective practice within several services throughout Australia resulted in identifying issues that needed to be included in their Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs). They have kindly shared the progress that they have made so that others can learn from their experiences.

The examples in this book are drawn from the personal experiences from educators in Australian services ranging from inner city to rural areas.


Chapters included will help you understand how to:

  • engage in reflective practice as a team
  • reflect on documentation and planning
  • support children’s needs during routines
  • work with the physical environment
  • and more.

These stories demonstrate that whether services are new or have a long history of high-quality provision of education and care, they have been able to identify and implement further quality improvements.

Reflective practice against the National Quality Standard has helped them to identify areas where further refinements were needed. These were included in their QIPs, strategies designed to achieve their goals and progress documented.

The children and families of these services have benefited as a result of the passion and commitment to change and best practice that these services demonstrate in their stories.

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