Connecting with toddlers

Author: Margaret Young
Published: 2015
Pages: 20
ECA Code: RIP1503

Connecting with toddlers is a resource for educators who are beginning their own learning journey about toddlers and for those who want to strengthen their enthusiasm, enjoyment and professional satisfaction in working with toddlers. It may also be useful to more experienced educators as a resource in mentoring others.

This book explores the complexity of toddlers’ lives and provides a snapshot of their development to support adults to accept, understand and respond to toddlers as they are.

It discusses practices that will help educators to be connected when working with toddlers, including:

  • knowing as much as you can about toddlers and their development and learning
  • responding to toddlers respectfully as individuals
  • building relationships and focusing on interactions with toddlers and their families
  • planning programs and activities carefully, allowing for space, exploration and choice.

Connecting with toddlers will support educators to engage in good professional practice and enjoy relaxed, successful and satisfying dealings with toddlers as the energetic, delightful, capable and sometimes puzzling and challenging young people that they are. It encourages educators to engage in further learning and suggests resources to support this.

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