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Kate_HighfieldDr Kate Highfield, Editor of Live Wires, is a lecturer and researcher at The Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University. Her particular interest is young children’s use of technology in learning, play and problem solving, with a focus on touch technologies, including mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones. This work examines digital play, in both home and educational settings, and the impact of interactive multi-media on learning and play. Kate has taught children from kindergarten to year six and is part of ECA’s Digital Business Kit Reference Group. She has written numerous papers and articles including co-authoring ECA’s forthcoming Every Day Learning publication on children and technology. During 2014 Kate undertook an outside study program of work in the USA with leaders in the field of education and technology at the Erikson Institute’s TEC Center, the Fred Rogers Centre and the Joan Ganz Cooney Workshop. Click the image to see Kate talking about tangible play, one of the topics she is covering at the Live Wires Forum.

DonahooDan Donahoo works at the intersection of play, technology and learning. He is founder of GeekDad and Director of Project Synthesis, an ideas consultancy that specialises in digital tools and creating change from inspiration. Dan was behind the Children’s App Manifesto, Better Apps—to help developers self-assess the educational quality of app process and design—and Deeper Richer’s open learning platform, Rough Science. Dan hosted Technology Speed Dating at ECA’s national conference in September 2014. Dan believes educators have a unique role to play in choosing and using technology that extends children’s learning beyond the screen and runs hand-on workshops showing how. You can see Dan speaking about early childhood education and technology at ECA’s Digital Business Kit Video page.



Anita L'Enfant at launch_DSC1644Anita L’Enfant is an educator with over 20 years of classroom experience and many years in education consulting. Anita’s mission is to transform education by empowering educators everywhere to foster child-centred learning and creativity using technology. Anita has a wealth of practice tips and educator short cuts for using technology well with young children. An early role included a UK ‘laptop for schools’ program and Anita now manages Datacom’s national team of educational leaders, holds educator Techy Brekkies and parent Inspiration Evenings. Anita says her mission will be complete when ‘I no longer recognise the classroom I grew up in!’ Click the picture for a short video clip of Anita at the Digital Business Kit launch talking with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.