RIPS index
Professional partnership in children's services: Working together for children
Learning positive behaviour through educator-child relationship
Play and quality in early childhood: Educating superheroes and fairy princesses
Critical reflection as a tool for change: Stories about quality improvement
Secure transitions: Supporting children to feel secure, confident and included
Reflection as a tool for quality: Working in the National Quality Standard
'Stories from the Heart' Connecting children and families with our Earth
The Early Years Learning Framework: Essential reading for the National Quality Standard
Partnerships: Working together in early childhood settings
Seeing assessment as a stepping stone: Thinking in the context of the EYLF
The more you know, the more you see: Babies' and toddlers' learning and the EYLF
Planning in the context of the EYLF: Powerful, practical and pedagogically sound
Respecting diversity: Articulating early childhood practice
Children's resilience: Working with the Early Years Learning Framework
Learning and teaching through play
Stars are made of glass: Children as capable and creative communicators
The Early Years Learning Framework: Building confident learners
The Early Years Learning Framework: Getting started
Optimistic carers and children: Pathways to confidence and wellbeing
Nurturing the spiritual child: Compassion, connection and a sense of self
Dealing with bullying together: Prevention and resolution
Portfolios: Documenting a journey
Treasures and collections: A touch of magic in the early years
Learnings from High/Scope: Enriching everyday practice
The Code of Ethics: A guide for everyday practice
The Circle of Security: Roadmap to building supportive relationships
Greening services: Practical sustainability
Dreaming Stories: A springboard for learning
Discovering letters and sounds
Capture the moment: Using digital photography in early childhood settings
Diversity and difference: Lighting the spirit of identity
Managing change with infants and young children
Young children as active learners
Active children: Healthy now and later
Young gifted children: Meeting their needs
Engaging families: Building strong communication
Storytelling with young children
Understanding children's feelings: Emotional literacy in early childhood
Overlooked curriculum: Seeing everyday possibilities
Aggression and young children
Revisiting celebrations with young children
Meaningful planning: Rethinking teaching and learning relationships
Learning with computers (2nd edn)
Babies: Good beginnings last forever
Managing difficult behaviour in young children

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