Active Outdoor Play


By Helen Little

Play is an essential part of young children’s lives and an important context through which they learn and develop. The outdoor environment allows children to engage in physically active play that promotes their development in many ways.

Currently, children’s access to outdoor environments is being restricted by increasing urban density and they are spending more time being transported in cars or sitting in front of screens. It is, therefore, important that early learning settings provide children with ample opportunities for spending time in natural outdoor environments.



This Everyday Learning Series title explores:
·         issues linked with lack of opportunities for play outdoors
·         the benefits of outdoor active play
·         physical characteristics of the environment
·         resources that support physically active play
·         the importance of adult engagement in children’s active outdoor play.

The book also outlines the health and learning benefits of active outdoor play. It will provide educators with knowledge and ideas about outdoor environments and experiences to encourage children to step outside and be active.

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