Are You Being Served? Democracy in the hands of babies and toddlers – Halifax Street Children’s Centre and Preschool (Webinar)


This is a story of transformation set within a background of everydayness.

From the very first days that children and families enter into a relationship with  Halifax St Children’s Centre and Preschool  they also enter into a relationship with food that is particular to our site and that has become significant within our culture

We have been led to rethink, reconstruct and recreate our reality and that of our babies and toddlers in order to uphold their rights as citizens. These rights include full participation within the many decisions that shape every aspect of the rich rituals and routines around the sharing of food. This has resulted in a cultural transformation in attitudes, organisation, documentation and the ways both time and space are perceived, used and valued as extraordinary learning opportunities.

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Learning outcomes

At the completion of the course, you will have an understanding of the Reggio Emilia education principles including:

  • Participation
  • Learning as a process of individual and group construction
  • Educational research

About the presenters

Karen Winderlich and Charity Makris from Halifax Street Children’s Centre and Preschool.

This webinar was part of the South Australian Collaborative Childhood project.
Providing state-wide leadership to strengthen and develop strategic and collaborative partnerships between organisations in order to advocate for children’s rights as citizens from birth.

Additional information

Target audience

Suitable for early childhood education and care workers at all stages of their careers.

Estimated duration

60 minutes