Including spiritual learning in early childhood education and care


by Nicole Megan Lees

With an increase in mental health issues among our youth, and technological developments creating a dynamic and unpredictable future, it is important to consider the necessity of spirituality. To help our children not just cope but flourish in life, we need to strengthen their spiritual characteristics by giving them the relevant tools and strategies as early as possible. Thus spirituality should be viewed as a priority in early childhood education and care (ECEC) settings throughout the country.

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What’s in this issue

This Research in Practice Series title will help educators in:

  • defining spirituality
  • forming links with the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework
  • embedding spiritual learning in their settings
  • prompting reflection through questions and case studies
  • identifying potential challenges
  • considering examples of spiritual practices in a range of current ECEC settings.

The book provides practical guidelines on the process of embedding spiritual learning into ECEC settings. The information is guided by current research and draws on a range of examples in practice from Australia and overseas.

Also available in e-version here.

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