Constructing a community of passion and pleasure – Susanna Mantovani (Webinar)


We all, as citizens of the world and ECEC as the first “public” experience for parents and children, are faced with “super-diversity”. Diversity in terms of origins, languages, culture, and also diversities in daily life, educational choices, and cultural routines even within communities, which used to share expectations, daily practices, educational values, and priorities. A special challenge for ECEC since inculturation takes place in the early years of life (LeVine, New, 2008), when children learn the rhythm of the day, the patterns of care, the styles of communication and conversation, of the relationships with parents, caregivers, and peers (Mantovani, 2007). They perceive and absorb the values of the communities – inside and outside the family.

Therefore, we need to re-define ECEC as an educating community. How can we offer meaningful opportunities by respecting children’s characters and temperaments, their parents’ expectations and choices, how can we make possible for all our children to experience variety in harmony? Engagement and multiple languages are the red thread professionals of education hold in their hands when they observe children, invent provocations, make relaunches, scaffold their efforts in emerging projects. An educational community needs shared rules and values, a sense of belonging, shared passion and pleasure; it needs to pursue common goals, which regard the ways of living together, the focus on building character skills and on shared ideas about learning.

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Learning outcomes

At the completion of the webinar, you will have an understanding of:

  • Children are active protagonists of their growth and development processes
  • An educating community
  • The role of school in society

About the presenters

Professor Susanna Mantovani is a professor of general and social pedagogy at the University of Milan-Bicocca, where she teaches Pedagogy and Cultures of Education and Pedagogy and School Organization.  She is also the Deputy Rector of the University of Milan-Bicocca.

Professor Mantovani’s research interests concern early childhood education and care, adult-child relationships, peer relationships, child and family policies, home-school relationships, professional development, intercultural education, qualitative research methods.

Professor Mantovani is a member of the Foundation Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi Scientific Committee

This webinar was part of the South Australian Collaborative Childhood project.

Providing state-wide leadership to strengthen and develop strategic and collaborative partnerships between organisations in order to advocate for children’s rights as citizens from birth.

Additional information

Target audience

Suitable for early childhood education and care workers at all stages of their careers

Estimated duration

50 minutes