Documentation as a transformative tool for change and for the becoming of democracy – Gunilla Dahlberg (Webinar)


Professor Dahlberg will problemetize current dominant discourses and “truths” by exploring and experimenting with paradigms and theories, concepts and practices not so commonly used within the mainstream discourse. An important inspiration for doing this has been the challenging experience of the municipal preschools in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Based in a pedagogy of welcoming, listening and research their way of using pedagogical documentation is a fruitful democratic tool for transformative change.

Three practices of pedagogical documentation will be described:

1) as a practice for challenging the construction of the child, knowledge and learning, and the pedagogical space
2) as a practice for following learning-processes and for formative evaluation
3) as a transformative force for taking care of vitality, affect and intensity in the event.

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Learning outcomes

At the completion of the presentation, you will have an understanding  of

  • Documentation
  • Educational Documentation
  • Educational Research
  • Listening

About the presenters

Gunilla Dahlberg is professor emerita of education at Stockholm University, Department of Child and Youth Studies. Since the early 70’s she has carried out research in the area of early childhood education and social welfare policy for young children and their families. She is currently engaged in three different research-projects: Children’s Dialogue with NatureTrans-culturalism and Communication and The magic of Language.

During the years she has served in several commissions and is one of the principal architects of Sweden’s national policy concerning early childhood education and social policy. Besides this she has, with her colleagues, developed preschool teacher education, undergraduate, master and doctorate programs for the field of early childhood education.

Since the early 70’s she has carried out research in close cooperation with the preschools in the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy. She is also a member of the scientific board of “Fondazione Reggio Children, Centro Loris Malaguzzi.

She co-wrote Beyond quality in Early Childhood Education and Care and Ethics and Politics in early Childhood which explores a ‘postmodern’ view of change and of children’s development and learning. Together with professor Peter Moss, she has been the co-editor of the Contesting Early Childhood Education Series, at Routledge Publishing Company.

This webinar was part of the South Australian Collaborative Childhood project.

Providing state-wide leadership to strengthen and develop strategic and collaborative partnerships between organisations in order to advocate for children’s rights as citizens from birth.

Additional information

Target audience

Suitable for early childhood education and care workers at all stages of their careers

Estimated duration

60 minutes