Live Wires ‘Connecting the Dots’ (Webcast)


By Dr Chip Donohue

Children learn incidentally from everything in their environment as well as through the intentional strategies used by early childhood educators. Most children have access to interactive digital devices and see educators, families and other adults using smart phones, tablets and laptops daily. In this webcast Dr Chip Donohue applies early childhood principles and theories to technology in the child’s environment and examines its potential as a tool of the educator. When early childhood educators use technology within an integrated approach, it can be transformative for children and for educators.

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Educators and parents are wary of the increasing role of technology in young children’s lives. Yet interactive technology can be simply another tool in the educator’s repertoire. The challenge is: how to harness its potential? This webcast helps explain how interactive technology can fit with quality early childhood practice and with theories of child development and learning. In this webcast, recorded exclusively for Early Childhood Australia’s Live Wires, Dr Donohue Connects the Dots on latest thinking and best practice with technology in the early years.

This webcast was recorded for registered participants of October 2015 Live Wires Forums and is now available on the ECA shop for anyone interested in using technology well for young children’s learning and development.

This webcast:

  • Explores the intersection of child development, early learning and technology.
  • Provides international perspectives and latest thinking on technology that enriches children’s experiences and extends their learning and development.
  • Provides a ‘whole child’ context for using technology wisely and well within an early childhood education practice.
  • Examines the educator as media mentor in early childhood.


Dr Chip Donohue is an author, educator, Dean of Distance Learning and Director of the Erikson Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center Chicago. He is a thought leader on using technology with young children and co-ordinated the US Joint Statement on interactive Technology and Young Children. Dr Donohue collaborated with ECA in developing the Live Wires Forums October 2015 and is international keynote at ECA’s national conference, October 2016.