Programming and planning in early childhood settings (6th edn)

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By L. Authur, B. Beecher, E. Death, S. Farmer and S. Dockett

Programming & Planning in Early Childhood Settings explores a range of approaches to curriculum and to documenting children’s learning in early childhood settings.

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This valuable resource for early childhood education students and practitioners provides a broad view of the concepts and issues in early childhood curriculum. Chapters reflect ongoing discussions about what is meant by the terms ‘planning’ and ‘programming’ in the context of early childhood, what is authentic curriculum for young children, and effective teaching strategies to extend young children’s learning. The strong focus on sociocultural theories of learning promotes awareness of children’s diverse experiences, competencies and learning styles, and helps readers recognise the need for collaborative partnerships between educators, children and families in order to develop appropriate programs.

Thoroughly revised in response to recent developments, this well-known text retains the practical emphasis of previous editions. Numerous real-life examples, reflections, articles and case studies aid students in understanding a variety of educational theories, philosophies and frameworks. Throughout the book there is a focus on the processes of reflection, evaluation and ongoing improvement.

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