Winning ways for early childhood professionals (set of three book)

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By Gigi Schweikert

The Winning Ways series provides important information on professionalism, teamwork, and supporting families. Sold in convenient packs of three, these self-training workbooks are ideal for use in in-house trainings, to give to new staff in your center, or for people getting ready to enter the early childhood field. This set of three includes one of each title described below.

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Winning Ways: Becoming a team player

Filled with self-assessments, tips, team building exercises and reflection questions to optimize your knowledge, this resource will help you work effectively with your colleagues and be part of a supportive environment.

Winning Ways: Being a professional

Whether it is your first day on the job or you have years of experience, professionalism is essential for success as you work with children, their families, and your colleagues. Filled with tips, self assessments, and reflection questions to optimise your knowledge, this resource will help you present yourself as the professional that you are.

Winning Ways: Partnering with families

This resource addresses the realities of working with families and provides effective steps to help you initiate and maintain efforts as you build mutually respectful relationships in your program. Filled with self-assessments, tips, sample letters and form, and reflection questions to optimise you knowledge, this book will help you collaborate with families to provide better care for children and their parents.

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