Early Childhood Australia NSW is a volunteer run organisation promoting the voice for young children and supporting professionals working in the field of early childhood education. Members of the Executive come from different organisation representing community based, private centres, family day care, outside school hours care services, training organisations, consultants and universities.

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Branch Executive

Name Position Email
Carol Burgess President cburgess@csu.edu.au
Natalie Grenfell Vice President Natalie.Grenfell@gowriensw.com.au
Ruth Newman Secretary ruthnewman@iprimus.com.au
Nan Greig Treasurer nan@ectarc.com.au
Ian Alchin Executive ianlalchin@gmail.com
Gabby Holden Executive gholden@uniting.org
Jan Langtry Executive jan@ectarc.com.au
Susanne Stuart- Watt Executive susanne.stuart.watt@marrickville.nsw.gov.au
Chris Legg Executive Chris.Legg@ku.com.au
Noeleen Alchin Executive noeleen@mets.org.au
Merise Bickley Executive mbickley@goodstart.org.au
Rose Todd Executive Rose.Todd@gowriensw.com.au
Mel Carmont Executive melcarmont@yahoo.com.au
Amanda Holt Regional Amanda.Holt@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au
Linda Windley Regional linda@ectarc.com.au
Tracey Dooner Regional Tracey.Dooner@det.nsw.edu.au
Julia Ham Regional Julia@ecqservices.com.au
Janette Leonard Regional mail@lennoxheadcommunitypreschool.com.au
ECA NSW Office Manager Office@nsw.earlychildhood.org.au


Regional Groups

Far North Coast
Katie Pennant kpennant@svh.org.au
Leo Prendergast leoprendergast@rainbowchildrenscentre.com.au

Illawarra/South Coast
Linda Windley linda@ectarc.com.au

Julia Ham julia@ecqservices.com.au

New England
Tracey Dooner   tracey.dooner@det.nsw.edu.au

Hunter and Newcastle
Ruth Newman ruthnewman@iprimus.net.au
Amanda Holt amanda.holt@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au


e: ecansw@earlychildhood.org.au
t: 0418 893 830

Branch Meetings

2016 NSW Branch Dates

Date ECA Conversations Face to Face Teleconference
Friday 3rd June Teleconference
Friday 8th July Teleconference
Thursday 4th August Sutherland TAFE College
Everyone benefits campaign
Friday 5th August KU- 129 York St
Friday 2nd September Teleconference
Friday 7th October Teleconference
Thursday 3rd November TBA
Friday 4th November Gowrie/ Christmas lunch
Friday 2nd December Teleconference

Members are welcome to attend issues nights. If you would like anything raised at the monthly meetings, contact an ECA executive or regional member.

Branch Constitution

ECA NSW Constitution May 2016

Committees with Branch Representation

The NSW Branch is involved in many committees and activities to achieve quality, social justice and equity in all issues relating to the education and care of children from birth to eight years. This includes:

  • Professional Experience Council
  • NSW State Reference Group as part of the National Quality Reform Agenda
  • Department of Education and Training Early Childhood Reference Group
  • NSW Preschool Growth Program Reference Group
  • TAFE Industry Reference Group
  • Standards Australia
  • NSW Quality Framework Reference Group
  • ITAB NSW Reference Group
  • NSW Childcare Industry Liaison Forum
  • NSW Children’s Services Forum


Teacher Accreditation NSW

Below is a video of the informative talk NSW ECA members had with Judith Page on the issues night.
The video is half an hour with Judith giving an overview of the process. Following her talk are questions asked by members.
All teachers in NSW will have to be accredited to be able to teacher from 2016.

Far North Coast Conference Presentation

ECA’s Far North Coast branch held a conference on the 18th and 19th of March. Download a presentation on Developmental Delay here.

Professional Experience Council

Members of The Early Childhood Professional Experience Council (New South Wales) view professional experience as an integral component of coherent early childhood professional preparation programs. Members are representatives from universities, Department of Education and Communities (including TAFE New South Wales), employing bodies, RTO’s and relevant organisations who are involved in planning and supporting early childhood professional preparation undertaken by students. The PEC works in association with ECA New South Wales Branch for the benefit of all stakeholders in early childhood education.  The purpose of the PEC is to bring together members who contribute to discussion about early childhood professional experience from diverse perspectives, and who work in collaboration to generate shared understandings and take appropriate action for the benefit of all those involved in early childhood professional experience.



Please find attached below a series of ECA NSW policies that you can download.