Queensland Early Childhood Sustainability Network (QECSN)

Welcome to our network

QECSN believes early childhood learning for sustainability is:

  • about having a vision, thinking for the future, empowering change
  • positive and practical
  • learning for and about sustainability

QECSN aims to:

  • provide a network of support throughout the state for the many individuals, groups and organisations working with young children
  • provide professional development opportunities
  • encourage sustainable practices in home and work environments
  • advocate and influence policy development and legislation at all levels
  • inform and promote sustainability in the design and content of tertiary education programs
  • develop a recognition or acknowledgement of children as active citizens who are responsible for the present and future sustainability of the world


In 1997, responding to requests for advice and information, Julie Davis and Noeleen Rowntree established the Queensland Early Childhood Environmental Education Network (QECEEN). This was set up to provide opportunities for early childhood environmental education, in a fledgling field where such information and support is not readily available.

Locally, the network serves as an exchange for teaching ideas and resources, conducts professional development and provides 'expert' advice to groups and individuals. Nationally, it is part of a larger network and is a respondent to national environmental education initiatives such as Sen Robert Hill's 1999 discussion paper Today shapes tomorrow: Environmental education for a sustainable future. Internationally, members of the network respond to requests for information from a growing range of postgraduate students.

QECEEN recently underwent a name change, and is now known as the Queensland Early Childhood Sustainability Network (QECSN).

For more information and to join us as a member, please visit our website at www.qecsn.org.au

Contact details

Email: qecsn@earlychildhood.org.au

Mail: Queensland Early Childhood Sustainability Network

PO Box 109, Moggill, Qld 4070

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