ECA is deeply disheartened with the referendum result. Our thoughts are with those who have driven and supported the campaign for constitutional recognition and the voice to parliament.

We express our gratitude to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities for inviting us to join them on this journey. The path towards reconciliation and inclusion often faces obstacles, and ECA’s commitment to recognising and uplifting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices remains resolute.

At ECA, we believe in a future where every child’s unique family experience is not only valued and celebrated but enshrined in our society’s very fabric. We will continue to work diligently to champion diversity, create inclusive spaces, and engage in meaningful conversations. The journey doesn’t end here, now more than ever we must double our efforts, to educate, to inform, and to inspire change.

ECA’s Commitment to Reconciliation

ECA’s commitment to amplifying the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities has been at the core of our work to support reconciliation for many years, as captured in our Reconciliation Action Plan. This commitment remains.

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